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It’s already a busy morning on Wall Street, with tech unicorns Pinterest and Zoom finally launching their anticipated IPOs

2019 has been promoted as the year that several eagerly awaited tech unicorns are set to go public, with a mouthwatering array of established, multi-billion dollar listings up for grabs, consisting of Lyft, which has already gone public, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Zoom and more. So far, it’s been a rocky start, with Lyft plunging in the days following its public offering. However, lots of traders are still prepared to roll the dice on the next big thing.

What you need to understand about today’s IPOs

Pinterest (NYSE: PINS)

Pinterest priced shares of its stock, “PINS,” above its expected listing on Wednesday night. The company will sell 75 million shares of Class A common stock at $19 per share in an offering that will draw in $1.4 billion in new capital for the visual hobbyist platform.

Last week, the digital scrapbooking and image search website mentioned that it expected to offer 75 million shares at a cost between $15 and $17 each. The company will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PINS.

Pinterest posted revenue of $756 million last year and a loss of $63 million, boasting more than 250 million monthly users.

More vital nevertheless, is that Pinterest has evaded much of the scrutiny and backlash that has impacted other social platforms and tech unicorns.

That said, Pinterest’s user base and engagement remain well behind many of the companies it points out as rivals. Unlike Facebook, Snapchat (SNAP) and Twitter (TWTR), Pinterest picked not to reveal its nature of day-to-day active users and said that it does “not anticipate that most of our users” will utilize the service on a daily basis.

Zoom Technologies (NASDAQ: ZM)

Zoom, the architect of the major business-facing video conferencing software application, is listing its stock on the Nasdaq under the ticker sign “ZM” at $36 per share, per an updated S-1 filing. The business has actually also revealed strategies to offer $100 million in Class A shares to Salesforce Ventures at the going public rate.

This values the business at $9.2 billion– about nine times its last formal assessment of $1 billion in 2017.

Zoom is backed by Emergence Capital, which owns a 12.2 percent pre-IPO stake; Sequoia Capital (11.1 percent); Digital Mobile Venture, a fund affiliated with former Zoom board member Samuel Chen (8.5 percent); and Bucantini Enterprises Limited (5.9 percent), a fund owned by Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shing.

Zoom stands out in the tech world as it’s actually profitable. That attribute has likely fueled demand for its IPO, especially as a number of other unprofitable unicorns shift to the public markets.

Are tech unicorns a good bet in 2019?

Stock markets are about perception in addition to fundamentals. And our opinions are driven by companies that we, in fact, know and understand, like tech unicorns like Pinterest.

And that’s why potential disappointments like Pinterest, which is expected to disappoint its latest private-market appraisal when it begins to sell IPO shares on Thursday, cast long shadows. And it’s why so much attention is paid to Lyft’s difficulties (which are undoubtedly troubling).

After going public, Snapchat and Twitter both had a hard time to win over financiers who judged their sluggish user growth versus Facebook’s shocking audience, which now measures in the billions. Pinterest has actually long insisted it’s not an outright social network company, but it could, however, face comparable investor worries about user growth once it’s public.

When Pinterest and Zoom list, anticipate seeing numerous Wall Street analysts ‘initiate coverage’ of the stock. Fortunately: those with early calls work for organizations that have no stake in the IPO, so in theory, they have no incentive to be overly positive or negative.

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