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The controversial Brexit plans were approaching a vital stage, but at the last minute, the European Union agreed to British PM Theresa May’s plea to further delay the UK’s exit.

The EU has handed Theresa May two weeks grace to create an alternative Brexit strategy if her deal falls next week after she stopped working to convince the bloc that she was capable of preventing a no-deal Brexit, which would be an economic and political disaster.

Following hours of discussions on Thursday, the EU offered Britain an option to delay the exit. The bloc said it will extend the deadline until May 22nd if Britain’s Parliament approves May’s Brexit offer next week. If it is turned down, the U.K has up until April 12 to “show a way forward.”

May said there was now a “clear choice” dealing with UK MPs, who could elect a third time on her deal next week.

They might back the withdrawal offer, provide on the referendum and leave the EU in “an organized manner” or deal with the possibility of needing to stand prospects in the European Parliamentary elections, three years after the UK voted to leave the EU.

She stated she would be “working hard to build support for getting the deal through.” She said she had “expressed frustration” in her speech last night, in which she blamed MPs for the delay, but included “I know that MPs are annoyed too” and she was “really grateful” to those who had supported the deal.

“I will make every effort to make sure we can leave with a deal and move our country forward,” she stated.

Difficulties remain for Brexit

May repeated Thursday evening that she does not think Short article 50– which details the steps Britain will take to leave the EU– need to be revoked.

May explained, “We gave the choice as to whether to stay in the EU or leave the EU to the British people,” adding”They voted in 2016, they voted to leave … I think the time is now to deliver for the British people.”

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed it’s now the British Parliament’s obligation to ensure that Britain does not crash out of the bloc without a divorce deal.

Macron noted, “This is it. There won’t be any delay to renegotiate, and there won’t be any delay if there is not a clear majority on the future relationship.”

Macron stated a long hold-up would only be warranted if there was a “deep political change” in Britain, however did not elaborate.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated if the British Parliament turns down the federal government’s Brexit divorce deal once again next week, the EU leaders would have to be called into a new summit next week.

He added, “I didn’t know my patience could last that long” — about the drawn-out Brexit procedure, which began with the June 2016 referendum in which the British narrowly decided to leave the EU.

When leaders asked May what she was going to do if her offer was voted down, officials added that the prime minister replied that she was following her approach of getting it through.

It was then that the EU concluded that “she didn’t have a plan so they needed to come up with one for her”, the source added.

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