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Tether USD

Tether no longer backed by fiat alone

Tether, among the most popular stablecoins in the cryptocurrency world, is a widely used vehicle for hedging against the volatile crypto market, as well as getting dollars in and out of exchanges easily. And...
Hyperinflation hits the USD

Hyperinflation hits the U.S. dollar in Venezuela

As Venezuela's embattled government continues its downward spiral, hyperinflation is soaring. And now, not even the U.S. dollar is immune. Once a prosperous country, Venezuela is suffering from the collapse of its economy amid corruption,...
coinbase custody otc trade

Coinbase Custody completes first cold-storage OTC trade

If you're active in the crypto community and have been on Linkedin at any time in the previous year, I am sure you're aware of how much of a 'wild west' the OTC market...