Friday, July 3, 2020

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A $6 trillion crisis is looming over the energy industry

Cybersecurity has long flown under the radar of governments worldwide. Hackers are set to cost...

Education doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better paying job

Despite the exorbitant--and rising--costs of American higher education, those dollars aren’t necessarily translating into better-paying...

Fed cuts benchmark rates to ease coronavirus impact

After a harrowing week for stock markets, things seem to be turning around. On Monday,...

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Facial recognition is hijacking our privacy

We’ve come a long way from being able to superimpose Trump’s hair on our own heads. We’ve also come a long way from wearing masks and sunglasses in public for reasons of fashion or...

The $2.7 trillion space junk crisis

The space race has begun. Private companies have exploded, soaring beyond multiple billion-dollar valuations seemingly overnight. Some of the hottest tech companies on the planet are already facing off for a piece of the...

These billionaires were booted from their own companies

Be careful what you build. If it gets too big, you may become a billionaire, but there’s a chance you end up in an increasingly popular club for entrepreneurial geniuses who have been ousted...

Quantum computing is on the verge of going mainstream

The past decade has brought us a wave of incredible new innovations. From blockchain technology to the mass proliferation of streaming services and smartphone adoption...but the next wave of tech is likely to be...

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